The Dynamical Systems Laboratory (DSL) conducts fundamental research in the broad field of nonlinear dynamics, diagnostics and control of complex systems with specialized expertise in Nonlinear System Diagnostics, Unmanned Systems, Biomedical Diagnostics, Machinery Dynamics, and Vibration Analysis. Activities span applied mathematics, design and fabrication of novel hardware, and advanced computations. Our computational analysis rely on networked computers, and standard software tools, including Ansys, Autocad, Mathematica, Matlab and solid works.

The Lab has two locations. One in the Villanova Center for Engineering Education. and Research (CEER) and the second one in Garey hall. The activities in our location in CEER are mainly focused on systems diagnostics, machinery dynamics and vibration testing. The location in Garey hall houses a standard suite fabrication and testing equipment for the design and control of unmanned systems. The lab has a high tech conference room.

For specific details about our equipment and facilities please select one of the following research areas.

General laboratory area

The general view of working areas and conference room. on the left, there are 16 graduate workstations and 3 workstation for experiments. The second photo, shows a view of our unmanned system facilities. The capacity here is 6 workstations and a large space for experimentation. there is an additional room used for workshop analysis. the last photo is our high standard conference room.

Unmanned Systems & Robotics

Vibration & Rotor Dynamics