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Nataraj C (2014), "Nonlinear Analysis of Rotor Dynamic Systems" Under preparation (proposal submitted to Springer Verlag).
  author = {C. Nataraj},
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  year = {2014 (expected date of publication)},
  note = {Sole author. Graduate text / technical monograph; sole author. Springer Verlag is among the leading publishers for scientific mongraphs.}
Nataraj C (2014), "Introduction to Vibration" CENGAGE (US).
  author = {Nataraj, C.},
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Nataraj C (2012), "Vibration of Mechanical Systems" Cengage India.
  author = {C. Nataraj},
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  note = {Sole author. Undergraduate / introductory graduate text book. About 450 pages. Proposal for Cengage's North American edition has been approved - contract under negotiation. Chinese translation project (translator: Prof. Yuefang Wang) has been approved; contract under negotiation.}
Clayton GM, Nataraj C, O'Brien JC, Stein RA and Wemhoff AP (2011), "Underwater Robotics Curriculum" , pp. 1 - 155. Internal Publication.
  author = {Garrett M. Clayton and C. Nataraj and James C. O’Brien and Rebecca A Stein and Aaron P. Wemhoff},
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  note = {For high school students and science teachers. About 600+ pages. In consultation for publication.}